OnePlus 7 Pro VS Galaxy Note 10 Plus…

Well this is one that I did not want to do, but there were so many request...I decided to just push it out. So no long text post here, or spoilers...just watch the video at the break.

OnePlus hates me! I think.

So purchased another oneplus 7 pro a while back, and's busted already.  I posted a video review of the cameras, and it was pointed out to me that the mics were bad.  At first i didn't really think it was so, but after I checked it out...they were right. (see video below) I actually... Continue Reading →

OnePlus 7 Pro | The next day!

So after buying the 7 Pro again, I'm feeling good about this phone a second time around. Not that I'm gonna have this amazing experience that I didn't get last time, but more open to try it for an extended period of time. So this time I jumped right into the cameras, and well. Here... Continue Reading →

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