I use a Chromebook daily! #PixelbookGo

So it's no surprise, that years back I said I would never use a Chromebook...well those times have changed. I now have several, and all of them I love to use. I got rid of my MacBook Pro, in favor of using the Pixel Slate, and now I'm all in with the Pixelbook Go. Really... Continue Reading →

iPhone 11 Deep Fusion! Gimmick?

So it's no mystery that Apple is always saying they created something new...but what about Deep Fusion? The new iPhones have come with this feature, and some are mind blown...but most are not.  Most don't even know what it is, nor do they know how to turn it on in the settings.  So in this... Continue Reading →

Pixelbook Go | Mini Review…

So nothing is perfect, and every laptop has a shortcomings and it's upsides. This is a brief and simple mini reviews for the Pixelbook Go. So I've been using this laptop for approximately two weeks or so, and I wanted to give you a follow-up post and video review as well.   A lot of people are... Continue Reading →

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