I just bought my Galaxy A71! Coupon for you too inside.

So a lot of people have been asking where I got my Galaxy A51 from, because there were some issues about the RAM.  However, I've found a place to buy most current devices, and not have any issues.  Check out the video, and the link is below. Buy your Samsung Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, Galaxy... Continue Reading →

OnePlus can take over in 2019!

OnePlus has slowly become one of my favorite companies, but it wasn't always that way. they grown over the years, and proven that they can make a great phone at a great price. The value that you get with the purchase of OnePlus phones, is much more than what appears on paper. With that low... Continue Reading →

30 Days with the OnePlus KING!

Well, this is an easy for me.  BUY this PHONE!  NOW!  CLICK HERE TO BUY! This by far one of the BEST android phones you can buy today, and I believe that anyone looking for a great experience you need to look no further.  This phone is fast, fluid, and over doing the android community... Continue Reading →

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