Xiaomi Mi 8 | The Snapdragon 845 Flagship most have not heard of.

Here is another powerhouse snapdragon 845 device, that most won't even buy.  This is a phone released by Xiaomi back in June, and it has ALL of the things needed to call it a beast of a smartphone. 6.2 inch super AMOLED display Snapdragon 845 processor 64/128/256 GB, 6 GB RAM or 128 GB, 8... Continue Reading →


iPhone season! A quick note!

There is a time when you realize why you like an iPhone, or you just don't.  Some people have no interest in using an iPhone, as it can become a little boring in my experience. I personally don't use an iPhone as my daily driver, but it is a solid phone.  Let's dive in some... Continue Reading →

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