Here is the new Pixelbook Go! #PixelbookGo

When Google first announced their new laptops, I was excited. Because currently own the Pixel Slate, and it's an amazing machine. The pixelbook go is an extremely nice laptop, and I think a lot of people will want to get this Chromebook over other. Chromebooks coming from Google, might have a slight advantage. I like... Continue Reading →

Here’s the new Pixel 4 XL

The Pixel 4. XL is one of Google's latest devices that has just hit the market. So I think that when we look at stock Android, we should only be looking at the pixel devices. Google was kind enough to send me over their brand new device, and I really appreciate it. #TeamPixel This is... Continue Reading →

The new GEMPhone!

So there is no secret, a new phone is coming from the folks over at Essential. Andy Rubin and Essential, both sent a tweets about the new device and it was absolutely GREAT!  It has a great looking design, which is what the industry needs right now in my opinion.  The phone appears to have... Continue Reading →

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