Google Fi giving free credits to users! 😁🦾😁

Just got an email that I earned a nice credit of $90 on my Fi account. Did you get a credit too? I've been with Google Fi for several years, and they always give nice gifts for being loyal. Over the years, I've gotten all types of things being a customer. Recently got the Nest... Continue Reading →

Android 10, just a few changes!

So with all the excitement surrounding the new update, there was only a few noticable differences. Dark Mode New navigation via gestures Quick action & reply in notifications The 1.2gb file for your update take the phone up to 9.5.19 security patch, and gives some other system updates we won't even notice. The cameras however... Continue Reading →

Setup your iPhone Google Fi!

Google decided to give up the goods, and let them all in.  More phones can now use Google fi (Project Fi), and this is a GREAT thing.  Opening the doors to everyone is a major win, and they can take LOTS of users from others carriers. The coverage on Google Fi is amazing, and I... Continue Reading →

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