Yoga C630 (13″) 2-in-1 Windows on Snapdragon! 45 Days later.

I can't say that I would tell EVERYone to go buy this, but I can recommend it to a few people.   This is the first Windows on Snapdragon laptop, and Lenovo did a pretty good job considering the challenges they faced.  This laptop is not for everyone, and as I type up this post on... Continue Reading →


Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro | It’s a winner!

I've reviewed the regular Mi 8, and the Pro model takes it up a little bit still remains the same with value and quality! In screen fingerprint scanner Upgraded cameras 3000mAh Smaller battery than regular Mi8 New Rear back panel clear design Low price tag $499 to $549 Snapdragon 845 8gb RAM 128gb ROM No... Continue Reading →

OnePlus can take over in 2019!

OnePlus has slowly become one of my favorite companies, but it wasn't always that way. they grown over the years, and proven that they can make a great phone at a great price. The value that you get with the purchase of OnePlus phones, is much more than what appears on paper. With that low... Continue Reading →

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