Pixel 4 Unboxing & First Impressions!

So the Pixel 4XL I've had since launch, but the Pixel 4 I never got a chance to review it. So in this post I unbox my clearly white Google Pixel 4, 64GB. I grab this from T-Mobile directly for $399 out of the door, and I think that's the best deal on a Pixel... Continue Reading →

Motorola Razr | #DOA here’s why?

First let me say, I love the throwback and redesign...it's super clean.ย  However, there are some things that stand out to me, and I can not overlook them.ย  Motorola is a well known brand, and the original Razr phone helped put them on the map back in the day, it's no secret.ย  But what about... Continue Reading →

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