So I’m playing around with the cameras on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, and I realized they should be better than the Pixel 4a based on price. But this is not the case at all, in fact in my testing I had to retake the photos on the iPhone several times to get a shot I could post next to the Pixel 4a. Did I cheat for the iPhone? Not really, because it does no good to post a bad photo, when ya know it can do better. In the end though, the more expensive iPhone could not keep up with taking photos. In one of the photos, the iPhone completely cut off my ear (see below). But over all, I love the iPhone for video, but photos it will never catch up to Google. The Pixel phones are just better, no if ands or buts. So I didn’t feel the need to do a long test, as it kept coming out the same. The iPhone has that same old brown tint to most of its photos, while the Pixel has a nice cool tone. This is something you like or don’t like.

Pixel front camera
iPhone front camera
Pixel rear camera
iPhone rear camera