For those that may think this phone will not be good as a everyday phone, stop worrying. This is a phone first the way I see it, and you really don’t need to listen to the hype. If you want honest opinions, and truthful experiences. Stay here! Some will try to tell you this phone is not good, but most have not used it. Remember this, and consider the source! This phone has bands for 5G for US bands, and LTE as well. Some have already confirmed that it will work on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. So this will more than likely get 5G on some prepaid carriers as well!

So I recently purchased the new Redmagic 5G, and I have to tell you…don’t believe the hype. You will not find another phone with these specs, this kind of performance for gaming, design, anything at this price. It’s loaded with everything you need to make it in today’s social age. A gaming powerhouse, and an overall great phone. Look for my coverage soon, but in the mean time you can grab yours here. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS!


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