Did you know I had another Youtube channel? #392Hemi @392SilverBullet on IG

So if you didn’t know, I actually run 2 YouTube channels. The other is on my cars, which is one of the other things I really enjoy.

On this channel, you’ll find lots of footage on not just my cars, but others too. News, leaks, rumors, and more. I do giveaways as well, and it runs the same as my current Tech YouTube channel.

So if you like cars, head over and subscribe. You won’t regret it.

Okay folks, let’s all save some money on #Gas I love this app for saving on gas. My code P823P gets us both a 15¢/gal bonus: https://t.co/0eFmnAcfy9

#392Scatpack #392Hemi #Mopar

email: moparfamilyman@gmail.com

Follow me on IG @392SilverBullet & 2019Silver300s

Smartphone Conversations (Tech Channel)
click here to sub: https://bit.ly/2KyhfHD

Donations Click here: https://goo.gl/vxRmJP

Thanks for joining me on my journey with two of my cars, and watching me grow and upgrade them.

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