First let me say, I love the throwback and redesign…it’s super clean.  However, there are some things that stand out to me, and I can not overlook them.  Motorola is a well known brand, and the original Razr phone helped put them on the map back in the day, it’s no secret.  But what about this new 2019 version?

Here are 3 things in my opinion, that make a phone that is DOA [dead on arrival].

  • Android Pie – There is no reason this phone should be releasing with Android 9, as 10 is already here.  This phone was in the works long ago, and even though it’s now been announced…the come with 2 year old software.  It will be 2 year old software by the time it releases in 2020 Jan.  Which is really sad. They better NOT bring this phone out with Android 9.
  • Verizon only – Back when the OG razr dropped, it stayed on AT&T most of it’s life, and that was a huge fail.  Lots of people wanted it, and they did this to get all the customers…and it worked well for AT&T.  However, fast forward to 2019/2020 we still see the same stupid moves being made by companies.  This phone will NOT do well on one carrier, and it’s destined to fail out the gate.
  • Price tag: $1500 – ARE THEY CRAZY?  Wait, let me say it a different way.  ARE THEY NUTS?  Bringing out this phone, with mid-tier specs is a slap in the face to consumers, and the asking $1500 for it.  It’s bad enough it’s only on one carrier, but then they want all that for it.  Come on.  This is a money grab, and they are hoping to play on peoples emotions.

All that said, it’s great to see a step in the right direction for a folding phone.  Video at the break…and YES, I do want one.

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