There are lots of reasons why I personally could tell you to not buy a device, but in this post I’m going to tell you about the pixel 4 and some reasons you probably should pass.

The Pixel 4 is no stranger to controversy comma this is well-known all over the internet. You can’t hide from the internet. So, I’ll start off with this some reasons why you should pass on the Pixel 4.

  1. If you need expandable storage or you need higher memory options, the Pixel 4 is not for you.

In the real world, most people can survive with 64 gigs of storage, but in the tech world, it’s an insult. And I somewhat agree with this, because the baseline should be 128 gigs.

2. Next. I would argue that the price of the Pixel 4 XL and the Pixel 4 are priced a little high.

There are several other phones that offer the same type of technology that cost half of the price. So going over 400 to 450 dollars has to be justified.

3. If you need a headphone jack the Pixel 4 is not for you comma because it doesn’t have headphones in the box either.

Why Google decided to leave these out it’s beyond me, but I know that there’s a reason they have. All in all I’m not bothered by it not having a headphone jack, because Bluetooth is important to me now.

4. And the last thing I could discuss is not having an ultra wide camera.

This is something that the tech world decided was a must-have, and I don’t understand why it’s so important now.  Google instead chose to use the telephoto lens and capitalize on a market that most people probably are not interested in at the moment.  I know in the future Google will for sure have some kind of ultra wide lens on one of their cameras period Video at the break.