I’ve been using the brand new 2018 Mac mini for just over a week now, and want to give you a follow-up.

So I’ve been using this to edit all the videos on my YouTube channel, which is one the reasons that I got this computer. The Mac Mini is extremely powerful for what it offers. It has lots of I/O, and you can connect just about anything to this little machine.

I really like the size of the Mac mini, as it can go anywhere. I have it linked to my 34 inch ultra-wide screen monitor, and two huge speakers for sound. I have a webcam, and an external microphone hooked up as well. The Mac mini flows through any and everything I throw at it. No issues, no stutters, no lag, no problems.

This follow up is just because I want to tell you how great this machine actually is. I know it is on the pricey side, coming $1100 for the model that I have. But in my opinion, I’m glad I got this machine. It’s well worth it. So no more spoilers, go ahead and watch the video below to see how I really feel.