iPhone 11 Pro VS Canon SL3 w/24mm lens!

So the iPhone 11 Pro has fantastic cameras, front and rear. So like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus I wanted to test it out, and I’m not surprised at the results. The iPhone did great, but did not beat the DSLR. Phones can not, but they come close. This is a good thing.

The iPhone obviously did better than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus did, as I feel the cameras are much better overall. However, phones are getting really good. To be honest, I could use this iPhone to record EVERYTHING on my YouTube channel going forward. But I like the footage better from my main camera. If I didn’t have a DSLR, then yep. It’s a go.

The iPhone did very well in the photo below, and actually looks great. I don’t normally talk any range when taking photos, but wow this phone is killing it. I love it. But when I compare it to the phone from the Canon w/24mm lens, it gets crushed. If you’re wondering, YES I took several pictures, and this is one of the best the iPhone could produce. Colors are more realistic on the Canon, but the iPhone still does very well. The bokeh effect is much better on the Canon, but again. The iPhone does not look bad. The iPhone leaves a brown hue to all the photos and videos, as for the Canon…well it’s completely true to life.

Having the option to changes lenses, is why phones will NEVER really beat out real cameras in the end.

The best part about having a phone like this, is I can do everything from it and then thats great. With my camera, of course it’s a little different.

All in all, this phone has some of the BEST cameras on a phone today, even beating out my favorites. LG G8, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, crushing the OnePlus 7 Pro. The only phone that beats the iPhone 11 Pro in portrait photos, is the Pixel phones in my opinion. So image what the Pixel 4 will bring.

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