iPhone 11 Pro Max VS Galaxy Note 10 Plus

In the world of smartphones, there will always be a rival going on.  Some will like one thing, and others will like another.  In this post below, I compare the new iPhone to the new Note device.  Both phones have their high points, but it's all about what phone makes you happy in the end. ... Continue Reading →

iPhone 11 has great cameras!

So the best have arrived, kinda. The iPhone 11 is going to be a phone people can't ignore. I've been using this phone for 3 days, and I'm more than impressed with the cameras. This is the main reason I got the new iPhone 11, cameras. Everything in my opinion, it's just another iPhone. But... Continue Reading →

iPhone 11 Purple!

So with all the hope and hype I had for getting the new iPhone 11 Pro, I changed my mind once I used them all. Here's why. The pro models look great on paper, and physically look great too. However, I just couldn't at this point, turn down the same cameras for a lower cost.... Continue Reading →

Off brand VS Otterbox!

There are a lot of people that would say you should never buy off brand cases, but for those of us who are in the know...we know better. There is really such thing in my opinion, of an OFF brand case. Most of the cases are made in the same place, and people get tricked... Continue Reading →

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