So purchased another oneplus 7 pro a while back, and well…it’s busted already.  I posted a video review of the cameras, and it was pointed out to me that the mics were bad.  At first i didn’t really think it was so, but after I checked it out…they were right. (see video below)

I actually got this phone again, because I wanted to give it another try.  At the beginning, I was having a really good experience, but once I found the mics to be bad….I had to head back to the store to exchange it.  Once I got to the store, I was turned off by the reps at the store.  They kinda laughed, and made fun at first.  I was offended, because I had to hold back whats I was really thinking.  (You young guys know very little about the stuff you sell, and are clueless about smartphones).  So I kept that in my head, so show them how to handle people who are not too bright.  Anyway, after some checking as they called it, they quickly realized that I was in fact being truthful and they looked silly.  I had the simply test it against their own store model, which they didn’t really seem like they wanted to at first.  But they did, and then stopped laughing and clowning around.

None the less, I was in the middle of my exchange….and I stopped the guy.  (See this is why I don’t like going into stores, and I don’t like store reps).  They get upset if you are not buying what they want you to buy, ie adding lines, cases, screen protectors, etc.  They appeared as though they didn’t want to deal with me, because they had to exchange the phone that was busted.  So decided to just not get another one, and I told them I will pay any fees I needed to pay.  He looked at me as though he was shocked, but what killed this deal is their attitudes.  If I get another 7 Pro, it will be from oneplus directly I guess.

Now the reason I titled this OnePlus hates me, is because I’m really trying to give this phone a chance, but I’m not gonna push it.  The first phone I had was good, but didn’t wow me….so I got rid of it.  The second one I bought, was doing great…but had busted mics.  What do you think?  Should I give it another try?