Samsung Galaxy A70|Galaxy S10 killer!

The US market always gets the scraps, so you have to find your way in the tech world.  Which is why I buy my devices from afar at times, like this jewel.  The Galaxy A70. This phone is offering so much, I can see why Samsung won't bring it to the US.  Galaxy S10 sales... Continue Reading →


Sony Xperia 1 | The new Boss?

So I've waited a very long time for this phone, and it finally got here.  I purchased this phone from BH Photo, and got the $349 Sony WH-1000X M3 headphones free.  Ultimately snagging the phone for $600, and that is a great deal.  My first impressions of the phone, well...I'm impressed.  It feels really nice... Continue Reading →

OnePlus hates me! I think.

So purchased another oneplus 7 pro a while back, and's busted already.  I posted a video review of the cameras, and it was pointed out to me that the mics were bad.  At first i didn't really think it was so, but after I checked it out...they were right. (see video below) I actually... Continue Reading →

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