I’ve always been a fan of the MacBook, but this new MacBook Pro really took me by surprise.  It has the i9 with 8 cores in the model I purchased, and I’m super excited to retire my 5k iMac and become model again.  I’ve been wanting to get out of my office, and edit in different places.  However, I sold my 2017 MacBook Pro a while back, and never got another one.  The plan was to keep my 13 inch MacBook Pro along with the iMac, but that didn’t work too well.  The 13 inch version I had was not a powerful machine when doing long videos, and it took forever to render the videos.  However, this new MacBook Pro is AWESOME and FAST.

The keyboard is very comfortable to type on, and it seems Apple may have taken care of the issues some others had with their other laptops.  I too had to take my 13 inch into Apple at least two times for them to repair the keyboard, and they did a great job.  However, I really hope I don’t have those issues here.  Some specs, then a video below.

  • 15.4 inch Model
  • i9 Processor w/8 cores
  • 512GB of Storage
  • 16GBs or RAM

Those are some nice specs and things to have in your laptop if you do lots of editing, and this machine does it very well.  I’ll leave the talking for the video, hit the link below.