I really like the Quartz, and I’m hoping they can pull off a second version. It is a very nice watch, and after the latest update it’s even better.

Battery life has greatly improved, and I don’t have to charge daily anymore. Performance is get solid, and it just works .

The one issue they had with this watch, was putting it in one carrier. It needed to be sold unlicked or just as a stand alone option. Bluetooth or GPS version.

So if they do decide to make another version, they can really bring some much needed attention back to the affordable smart watch world. There are so many cheap fitness trackers on Amazon it’s crazy.

I think they can make a great watch and sell it for about $99 to $149 directly, and do very well.

I added a premium band to mine, and people still ask me to this day if it cost a lot of money.

There are a lot of companies making good watches, but they are not top quality like the Quartz. I really wish ZTE would put out another version, but sell it directly. No more carrier lock down, no limits. Just make it, and sell it. This would be a great move on heels of their current top selling phone, the ZTE Blade Max View.

To the PR team, and Marketing team.

Let’s do this…I’m here to support and help get it off the ground.