Affordable Unlocked Smartphones VS Carrier Locked Smartphones!

In this pay I give a quick look at a few good phones under $200, that maybe you should consider before buying a carrier phone.

There are lots of options when buying a new phone, but today’s market is making it so much harder. So many phones are great under the $300 mark, it’s almost impossible to select one quickly.

Carrier phones are somewhat of a trap, because they want you to pay monthly. They want you to buy phones that cost over $500 to $1000, do you can be stuck in a invisible contact. So you end of paying your phone bill, and also another $20 to $30 for the phone you just added to your bill. You have to pay the taxes up front in most cases, and some have to or down extra cash for whatever reason. Now buying phones this way are not had, and it can save you money up front. So you can have that flagship if you want. But you’ve got to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

You will need to add insurance if you want to protect your phone, and that’s another bill.

Buying unlocked phones to me is the way to go, because there’s so many to pick from. You have option now, and phones today are really good. You can find phones under $300 that are really good, and in some cases find phones that were considered flagships 2 years ago at those prices.

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