So I’m heading to CES, and I’m happy once again.

I will be doing it a little different this year, so stay tuned here for all the goodies.  You can always head over to my YouTube channel to see the latest videos I bring from CES as well.  I plan on doing more reporting this year, rather than just posting lots of videos.  I am still going to post videos, but I want to bring something different other than phones.  I’ll try to find some good tech while I’m there, and possibly just live stream the content that I do post. I know the quality of the videos are not the same, but I’m still undecided on this.

I’m traveling a little different this time, as I brought one of my laptops, the Lenovo. Which already is giving me issues.  It crashed already, and I got the stupid blue screen of death.  HORRIBLE.  This is the first time it’s happened, but still.  IT happened.

I’m also using the new OnePlus v2 earbuds, and they are great so far.  I got them a while back, but never opened the box.  So they are with my on this trip.

I’ve got my GoPro Hero 7 Black for some recording, and I also brought my Galaxy Note 9 with a 256GB card.  I have 2 more phones, because I’m gonna be doing some testing for ZTE.  So I have both of their latest smartphones, the Max View and S2.  Both are now on Stock android, so this will be interesting. I will be posting to lots of photos with both of these phones, so look for them on my social media sites.  Twitter and IG.

Stay tuned for more post later as I roam about Vegas, and try to get you some inside news on new tech coming.  In the mean time, here is my latest video to enjoy for now.