Yoga C630 (13″) 2-in-1 Windows on Snapdragon! 45 Days later.

I can't say that I would tell EVERYone to go buy this, but I can recommend it to a few people.   This is the first Windows on Snapdragon laptop, and Lenovo did a pretty good job considering the challenges they faced.  This laptop is not for everyone, and as I type up this post on... Continue Reading →

Phones I still use in 2019!

I've got several phones, but some are just great and still work fine. In this post you will see two of my favorite phones I don't talk about much anymore, but still use regularly. The iPhone X and iPhone SE! Both are solid in hardware, and software. Cameras Battery Performance Updates Are just a few... Continue Reading →

ZTE Quartz Watch 2? Hopefully

I really like the Quartz, and I'm hoping they can pull off a second version. It is a very nice watch, and after the latest update it's even better. Battery life has greatly improved, and I don't have to charge daily anymore. Performance is get solid, and it just works . The one issue they... Continue Reading →

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