ZTE Blade Max View | Pay attention!

So I slammed this kinda on launch, because software was on 7.1.1.  Well, I reached of to ZTE back then and they stated it will get an update to 8.1.0…and they kept their word.

The phone is now on Android Oreo, and it’s like an entirely different phone.  The phone runs not just 8.1.0, it runs STOCK android 8.1.0.  For me, this is what this phone needed.  Considering their other phone that launched the same day (ZTE Blade S2) came with it already.

  • Stock android
  • 3GB RAM 32GB ROM w/SD Card up to 2TB
  • Stereo speakers w/Dolby ATMOS
  • Headphone jack
  • 6 inch display 1080p
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • Type C USB
  • Snapdragon 435 Processor
  • Works on All carriers, but not Sprint

Those are some of the things that makes this phone stand out to me, and I could keep Screenshot_2018-12-30-14-25-59going with more.  The software experience very solid now that we’ve got stock.  The processor inside gives this phone a jump in performance on battery life, and will easily make it through at least a full 24 to 36 hours of usage.

The hardware on the Max View will give you a nice feel in hand, and could be mistaken for a phone that cost much more than the current pricing of $169 for the holidays.

Cameras are always subjective in most cases, and that remains to be seen here with this phone.  They are good, and have improved with the latest software update.  Portrait photos come out really nice to me, with little to know issues with processing.

I think that ZTE can really make a mark with this phone, because it works on ALL carriers.  This is a huge jab at Motorola, which is known for making their phones to work on all carriers.  ZTE is also known for offering a lot for the price tag, and giving us flagship like specs or options.  This is what I am looking at here, and it can’t be denied.  If I could think of anything I’m not too happy about is the processor, it should have been a 625 snapdragon. This would have done this phone some more justice and made it a tad bit better for people who like to game on their phones.

In today’s market, people just do social media.  Pics to post online, some videos, lots of text, MMS, web browsing, LOTS of YouTube.  There are things like snapchat, and instagram too…which all I see.  FaceBook is another one that people use, but not I.  The point is, spending too much on a phone is really not needed at this point.  When you have phones like this that will be able to do all that you need, at a much lower cost.

Video at the break…enjoy.

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