I really had no intentions on going back to the iPhone XS Max, but after using the Note 9 and some of my other phones with big screens…I had to do it.

  • Screen size
  • Battery Life
  • Social media experience is great on an iPhone
  • Premium build quality

I get a nice military discount now at the apple store, and that helped a lot with my purchase this time around.  But this phone still has a really hefty price tag.  Which is why I still say to others grab the iPhone XR to save money if you want the internals and powerful processor.  However, if you need or want that nice big AMOLED screen, you will need to grab the Max.

Use FaceTime and iMessage daily, and it’s one of the main things people like about iPhone devices.  This is something that Android phones will probably NEVER be able to compete with….this is one of the BEST things about iPhones.  Which is why lots of people use an iPhone.  The Social media experience is just great.  Anyway, no spoilers…video at the break.