Simply put, this phone is still very good in 2018.  

Apple did a great job with the hardware, and cameras can still compete with the phones of today.  You should be able to find this phone for about $99 with ease, and it will more than likely already have iOS12 on it.  If not, update it…and you are golden.


  • Cameras
  • Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Price
  • Headphone Jack


  • Small screen
  • Low speaker volume

This phone I see people today still using this phone everyday, and I’m sure they are happy with it for all that it can do.  The software experience is really smooth, and it runs just like any other iPhone I have used. I’m still impressed with the cameras, and most will be pleased with the photos coming from this phone.

Here is a quick video update on my iPhone 6s, and my thoughts on it today.