The LG G7 is a great phone, and it still runs smooth. But not as smooth as some others, and it needs and update fast.  The current LG skin is one that I like, but it’s time for change.  Even Samsung is making changes now, so LG has to step it up.

I’ve had this phone for a full 2 months, and in that time I’ve used it about 30 to 40 days or so.  It’s good, very good.  But the software is old now, and needs a refresh.  I’m hoping LG will give this phone Android Pie, and soon.

The cameras are still very solid, but are not as impressive as today’s market of phones.  Front camera is just okay, when compared to most of the line up I have.  The screen is nice, but even for a 1440p display, it’s still not better than most 1080p AMOLED screen in my opinion.  Battery life is still good, lasting me all day with about 5 hours of screen on time.  That’s good considering the size, 3000mAh.

Overall, I like this phone, but it’s time for something new.  Maybe I’ll go to the new LG V40, I played with it. WOW…those cameras.  I don’t like the shiny back on the V40, but I do like those cameras.  If I were to ditch this beautiful phone I have right here, I will get the V40.  LG’s latest and greatest.

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