So Google is throwing in a pair of wired Pixel Buds for you inside of the box, with your newly purchased Pixel 3 or 3XL.  I think you should quickly pull them out, and start using them.  While they are not the BEST sounding earbuds, they sure will pass the test for quality.  The only drawback I’ve seen, is not a lot of bass. Other  than that…they are great.  But that is not the reason they are giving you these, they want you to use the Google Assistant.

These earbuds can read you messages, and also can control the google assistant.  It’s very accurate, and you won’t even have to take out your phone if you don’t want to.  Long press on the up button, and google assistant will tell you all you need to know. Long press on the little black button, and you can tell google assistant what to do.  Check out my quick hands on, and impressions below.