This phone has now been in my possession for a full month, and it’s been nothing but awesome. Even though most people don’t have not purchased it, it’s one of the top underrated phones this year. The new V40 just released, and I think this will remain the same with that phone too.

This phone is spec’d very well by today’s standards, and it lives up to the hype. Great cameras, great battery, great screen, beautiful design, and solid performance! I’ve had nothing but a great experience with this phone, and I’m sure this will continue on into the future.

Specs aside, it’s really good to use daily. It’s feels great in hand when using for day to day task, and most people will love the size of this phone. Media consumption is awesome on this 6.1 inch quad hd display, and the sounds is great from the DAC inside the phone when using headphones. It does have boom sounds when placed on a flat table it surface, but it’s nothing like plugging in a great set of headphones. Video at the break, and photos below.