So the Axon 7 made by ZTE was one of the hottest phones, 2 YEAR AGO. But today, 10.12.18…they just released the Android Oreo update, and you will need to follow these instructions to install it.  I made it nice and simple for you to follow along, so get your things in order and start watching.  Full transcript is below as well.


Full instructions:
Software download:

Backup All Photos, Videos & Important Information!
Below are a few changes after the device is updated to Android Oreo, Please read before proceeding to update.


  1. Daydream will not be supported with the Oreo update.
  2. MiFavor Toolkit Removed


It is recommend, but not required that once the update is complete that you set up your device as a ‘’new device’’ and not restore from a previous backup of a Nougat build.


Instructions for Updating Axon 7 by SD Card:

This SD memory card based upgrade will erase all your personal data. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you BACKUP ALL DATA BEFORE UPGRADING. This would include your pictures, contacts, apps, and any other important files you have saved to internal storage. Additionally, you will need an SD memory card that has 2.5 GB of storage available.


Before proceeding with the update, you will need to enable developer settings and USB debugging on your device:

Enable developer settings and USB debugging

  1. Go to your Settings and scroll down to About Phone.
  2. Tap on the Build number seven times until the dialog box says you are now a developer.
  3. Go back to the Settings menu and you should find a new option called Developer options. Click into the Developer options.
  4. Make sure that the developer options are turned on and that USB debugging is checked on.
  5. Make sure Enable OEM unlock is checked.

Now you may proceed with the Oreo update:


Step 1: Backup your device! Please use Android’s built in backup feature or a third party backup program of your choosing. For more information on using Android Backup please visit:

Step 2: Download the update package file by going to then select “Software Updates”  on the left hand side and download the file to your PC.

Step 3: Move the update package file, from your PC to your SD memory card.

Step 4: Before proceeding to the next step, please make sure to delete your Google account from the phone.  In order to do that go to Settings->Accounts->select Google, and from the menu (top right corner of the screen), select the “Remove Account” option.

Step 5: Now insert the SD memory card into the available memory card slot of your Axon 7.

Step 6: Turn off the phone.  When your phone is completely powered down, simultaneously press and hold the “Power” and the “Volume Up” buttons. Keep holding until you see a menu with Recovery mode option.  Your screen should look like this:


Step 7: Using the “Volume Down” button, you can navigate down to the menu option “Apply update from SD card”.  When this option is highlighted, press the “Power” button one time.

Step 8: Next, you will have to select the update package from your SD memory card.  Again using the “Volume Down” button, press this button to navigate to the file, and when highlighted press the “Power” button one time to initiate the update.

NOTE: If your phone’s kill switch is activated, you would get an error message when you choose the“Apply update from SD card”. Go to Step 4 to delete your Google account to deactivate the kill Switch.

Step 9: Your phone is now updating, leave your phone idle until a message shows that the install has completed. It should read, “Install from the SD card complete.”  Next you will be prompted by a new menu screen, using the “Volume Down” to get to the , “reboot system now”, and press the “Power Button” one time to complete.

Your Axon 7 will restart and bring you back to the original boot sequence for Android Oreo to set up your phone.

Congratulations, your Axon 7 has updated successfully! Enjoy!