Well, I’ve been holding on this one for a bit, so the hype could die down around phone.  It’s not secret I buy every iPhone, but this is one that I’ve been excited about along with the upcoming iPhone XR.

This phone can really is going to be purchased by a lot of people, but I say wait if you have the current gen iPhone X or your iPhone is still working fine.  You don’t have to upgrade every year like us, but if you want to. DO IT!

This new iPhone has the biggest iPhone screen Apple has released to date, and well…it’s really nice. I made a few comments on the screen, before actually having the phone.  I regret that and try to avoid doing that.  However, the only thing I misspoke on was the resolution at the time.  It’s actually a 2k display by the technical terms, and you should be happy about that. This thing is beautiful.  Yes it’s amoled, but that is not really the only that makes it good.  It just feels right.  The iPhone lined something like this, but Apple still missed the mark a little.  Here is what I mean.

  • No split screen option
  • No REAL multitasking
  • No fast charger STILL
  • No Headphone jack (this is not an issue for me though)

With all that being said, I really like this phone.  The cameras are just amazing, and you will see my coverage on this soon.  But my first impressions, well…I’m impressed.  Video at the break.