Samsung T5 SSD 500GB is now $99, Hurry up and grab it! (UPDATE)

*UPDATE* Looks like the price is moving up and down, so you will need to keep an eye on it get it at the same price I did.*

So as a YouTuber, you need to work as fast as you can when editing content.  The Samsung T series SSD’s are the way to go.  I’ve always used an SSD, but I recently when up to a 500GB T5 from Samsung, from the T3.

The read and write speeds are great, and much faster than most SSD’s today.  You can edit right off of the drive, and work fast.  Editing is fluid, and smooth not matter what you are doing.  4k, 4k 60fps, 1080p, etc…it will be blazing.  Here is a short walk through by video, enjoy.

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