I’m keeping my Galaxy Note 8, and here is why!

I have lots of phones, and sometimes I have too many.  However, I’ve given this a lot of thought…and I came to this conclusion.  I’m keeping my Note 8, and selling the Note 9.

I personally LOVE the Note 9, however…there is a reason I didn’t trade in my Note 8.  I wanted to be sure that the Note 9 was a big enough jump for my needs, and well..it’s not right now.  The Pricing of the Note 9, is more than the Note 9 for the higher memory option, and right on par with the Galaxy Note 8 for the 128GB option.  I know I got a bunch more for the difference in price, but I’m not just a tech reviewer.  I’m a human being, a regular guy.  I want the BEST for my funds…and right now the Note 9 does not do it all that much for me.

After the dust settled, I realized I had fallen into the hype, and that is a dangerous place sometimes.  Most people who bought the Note 9, did a trade in and got a lower price of some sort.  That is the way to go, if that is your only phone.  But if you are like me, and you have options…well you can change your mind down the road and live with the decision you make.  I love having so many phones, because it gives me a leg up on most, but the down side is that I’ve spent more money on phones that most have.  If fact, most people get phones on payment plans, and I understand that.  But I like to be free from that, and live the unlocked life.   With that, Comes a cost.  Now let me tell you why I’m not keeping my Note 9 after owing it for all this time…

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  1. I agree with you. My wife uses a Note 8 (she has to have the pen). I checked out the Note 9 and could not see enough of an upgrade to justify it this year. I watched your video and I totally agree with you. I enjoy your phone reviews. Keep up the good work!


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