It’s been 3 full years since the iPhone 6s was shown to us, and well…it’s still a great buy in 2018. Let’s highlight some points on this phone, and why you can still live with it today.

  • Software updates – It’s no secret that Apple is KNOWN for giving timely updates on their products, and the iPhone is one of their best.  The iPhone 6s, while 3 years old now, is still one great little phone and it’s used by many today.  One main reason people might still use it, it works.  Apple will be updating this phone to iOS12 on release, and this is amazing considering how poorly Android phones are updated.  The phone is currently on the latest from Apple, iOS 11.4.1 and it’s running like a champ.
  • Cameras – This phone STILL has very solid cameras, and are better than a lot of phones on the market!
  • Build Quality – While it’s not the best looking design on a phone today, it’s still working.  It has what I consider a premium feel in hand. Cold metal to the touch, and sleek slim body.  Glass phones are not premium in my opinion, and OEMs are moving in that direction.
  • Battery Life – This is one area of the phone that is not the best, BUT it still works really good for what it is. I can go a full day with ease, and in to the next day.  But battery life always depends on the user.
  • Price – It’s not a phone that you can get a very low price, under $100 to $400 in most places, and that is a great price for this phone.

Check out the video at the break, and see my full review there as well.