In today’s smartphone world, lots of people will tell you to buy phones that cost over $500 to $1000 or more.  Well I’d say, $200 smartphones are far better than ANY $1000 phone.  Here is why.

In most cases, all we do on our phones is social media basics.  Photos; twitter; instagram; youtube; and other little platforms that come with today’s internet age of what’s important.  We do not need the following; 2k or 4k screens; 4k recording; wireless charging; fast charging; and many more.  While those things are nice, they are just wants.  If you want a GREAT photo, invest in a REAL Camera. ie DSLR, or mirrorless.  If you want to watch high resolution footage, invest in a TV; nice laptop or computer. Or even a nice tablet, as there are plenty of them that cost less than $400, and have a high res screen.

I was thinking of all the money I wasted on phones that cost more than $250, and felt the need to write this post.  Because if we follow only what ‘tech’ bloggers say when it comes to phones, we will be lost.  Now I know, I AM a tech blogger.  However, I try to always give solid advice for those really in need of a phone or device.  Most people today buy phones, that they do not really NEED.  They are simply just keeping up with the Joneses, but that’s not the way you should be.

Now when I say, $200 is the new $1000…that’s not to say so called flagships are bad.  Because in all honest, there are plenty of flagships [previous year, and some current] that are now down to $200 or $300.  So, if you can find a phone with somewhat better specs than a newly released phone…BUY IT.  In most cases, that phone will still outperform, and have a better camera.  In most cases, not all.  The fact that OEMs are releasing phones every 3 to 6 months, or once a year is NOT a good thing for us.  It’s a play on our weakness to fit in, or have the so called latest and greatest. Which in fact, there is no latest and greatest.  Because the phones we are buying are no new.  They are just recycled ideas, and small upgrades.  Things we should have gotten in the past, but was held off with lies as to why it couldn’t be done at the time.

I recently picked up the new Moto E5 Plus, and the new Xiaomi Mi A2.  Both cost less than $250, and both are AMAZING.  Here is why in my opinion. 

  • Value to the customer
  • Cameras
  • Battery life
  • Design and hardware
  • Screens (720p & 1080p) Both GREAT
  • 6 Inch display [18:9]
  • Stock Android
  • Software updates (they will get them)
  • SD Card slot
  • FULL LTE Coverage US
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Speaker quality
  • Fast charging [a bonus]
  • Price and availability

All or some of the things listed above, are important to most customers when buying a phone.   If not, it should be.  The phone buying experience should be easy, but OEMs have made it hard with all the tricks that they put in front of us.  Telling us we NEED this, or we need that.  It’s all a lie folks, and they just want us to fall for this trick over and over again.  We should be able to buy ONE phone, and have it last us for at least 2 years with little to no issues.  But what do they do?  They slow down the software, and introduce bugs and other issues so we think we need to upgrade to a new phone.

Another reason why buying a phone that cost less than $250 or so, is you are not losing out on too much if something happens.  In recent years, INSURANCE came along for phones.  Which is another scam by the powers that be.  If you think about it, the deductible you pay is almost as much as a new phone.  So here is what I recommend.

Buy your phone, the best $200 to $250 phone that is right for you.  DON’T buy insurance, buy a case and screen protector.  Now I know this does not protect you from theft, but stealing a phone is rare these days.  However, YOU losing your phone is not.  So you are gonna have a chalk that one up as a lost and buy a new one if that happens.  Now, if you spend $7 to $15 on insurance every month, you are giving up $84 to $180 a year.  If you are a responsible with your things, and take care of them there is really no need to do this.  If you are a person, that really does not have troubles with the above, you can easily avoid getting insurance if you decide to buy that new Xiaomi Mi A2 or Moto E5 Plus for example.

I do not like insurance, and prefer to live unlocked with phones.  Some phones I have to get on a carrier, as they might not be offered unlocked at the time.  ie my Moto E5 Plus may be offered unlock, but the color T-Mobile has is the one I wanted.  Also, their version has ALL the bands to give me the best coverage.  And I only spent $225, and $15 express shipping. I bought me a case, and a tempered glass.  [ I also have some free cases for review] But this is where I should really stay for phones, because I have money for all the other things for so called HIGH END needs are ready taken care of.

  • DSLR – check
  • 5k iMac – check
  • MacBook Pro – check
  • 4k TV’s – check

So for my needs, I am going to try to make my daily drivers, phones that are honestly within my budget for a phone.  [disclaimer – you will see phones being reviewed on my YouTube channel that do cost more than $200, but that doesn’t mean you need to go buy them.]

So with all that said, $200 is the new $1000 for me.  What about you?  Stay tuned for videos on the above mentions devices, I’m playing with them right now while I enjoy writing this article. (BIG GRIN) They are AWESOME!