Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 | A winner in my book!

I’ve learned to think for myself when doing reviews of devices, because it’s easy to get swayed by another persons point of view.

When I first saw the Mi Mix 2, I said to myself WOW…such a beautiful phone.  I wonder if it actually is any good?  Fast forward to current day, and BOOM. Yep, it sure is.  The Mix 2 is a solid performer, and can easily please the average user with their day to day task.

Social media is big today, and it’s the main way people communicate.  Pictures; videos; twitter; instagram; etc.  It’s the way we talk today.  The Mix 2 has that covered.  But what else does it do well?  MEDIA!  Watching videos on this phone is great, because it’s all screen.  The edge to edge design makes is really enjoyable when watching a movie, or video.  If I could say anything bad, it would be that it’s only 1080p.  I say only, because this phone deserves a 2k or 4k display.  I know the day will come, when 2k is the standard for all high end phones.  The phone also has dual speaker setup, that sounds decent.  It won’t blow your socks off, but it will make you smile and enjoy stereo sound when watching content.

The Mix 2 does other things well, it can last on a single charge for over 24 hours.  Sounds crazy, but most high end phones can not make it a full 24 hours, and die half way through.  It’s still a shame that we pay so much for these devices, and yet they won’t give us a big battery.

Photos and video come out great, but I still favor other phones like the S9/S9+ or current gen iPhones over the rear camera of this phone.  I know there is an S model of this phone that was just released, however, this phone is still worthy.

Overall, so far after having this phone for a bit…I’m impressed.  Video at the break.


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