The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus pre orders are here, and I sure would like to know which model you ordered.

I think a lot of people will grab the bigger model, as it has the dual cameras.  Plus models are becoming more and more popular among the masses, as OEMs are giving more to that setup it appears.  So the Galaxy S9 Plus is no exception.  It comes in 3 colors like the S9, but has the dual camera setup, and a bigger battery pushing that larger display is has as well.  So is more always better?  Bigger always better?  Not really.  As most people are happy with the smaller model, because it still has a very large 5.8 inch display.  In fact, the resolution is technically better on the smaller model.

So which one did you order?  Video at the break, and you can find out which one I’m bringing in.