Well this seems to be the thing every year when new phones launch, and people wanna know.

I will have both phones soon, and right now…the Galaxy Note 8 is by far the BEST Samsung device offered.  So I don’t know if the S9 or the S9 Plus can take it down, like some might be thinking.  YES, the new S9 will have stereo speakers, which is something I wanted to the Note 8.  But you know how these OEMs do us, small pieces here and there to get more money from us.

The Galaxy S9 Plus will be the one with dual rear cameras, bigger screen, and will have a bigger battery one the S9.  But that doesn’t mean it’s for sure a better phone.  The fact that the S9 has a single camera, can be a good thing sometimes.  Google proved this with their Pixel line of devices in some ways.

Over all, the question is…do you think it’s worth giving up your S8 or S8 Plus to get the new hotness?  Short answer is NO, don’t do it if your phone is working fine.  I say this every year, THERE IS NO NEED TO BUY THE LATEST VERSION OF A PHONE IF YOUR CURRENT VERSION WORKS.

The S9/S9 Plus are gonna be nice, but how nice?  We will find out soon, but for now…video at the break.