In 2018 there a lot of phones you can select from, but very little for true productivity.    The Galaxy Note line has always been one of my favorites, and will continue to be going into the years to come.  As long as there is a Galaxy Note device coming out, I’ll have it.

There are so many things to like about the Note line, but the obvious is the S-Pen.  It can do so many things for you, and help you a time of need for your daily work task.  The other thing I like about the phone is the large screen, it is so beautiful.

The device seems to have improved over the last 5 months of me using it daily, and has not slowed down on me.  In fact, it feels just as fast as it did since day one.  This could change as the device gets older, and I’ll be sure to update you if it does.  Battery life is great, lasting me several days with light to moderate use.  I like being OFF the charger, and the power saving modes really help with that.

I can’t talk about the Galaxy Note 8, without mentioning the screen.  Well, it’s gorgeous.

Press play below, and enjoy my February update on this wonderful device.