So many people are excited about the new Honor 7X, and I am too.  However, I decided to go in the other dereliction, and grab the new Special Edition RED Xiaomi Mi A1.  Why?

Stock Android Oreo, and updates directly from Google.  There are plenty of phones releasing in Red these days, as the OnePlus 5T dropped the other day.  However, I’m getting all the same performance and a beautiful phone, at half the cost.

This Xiaomi Mi A1 is a Global device, which means I can use it on All GSM networks in the US and get LTE speeds.  This is just one more reason to get it, besides the price.  You can’t go wrong with the Snapdragon 625, and 4GBs of RAM inside.  This a winning combination, so you need to give it a try.  The phone also has 64GBs of internal storage, and you can also add an SD card if you need more room.

All in all, this phone is a WIN WIN, which is why I have 2 of them.  Hit the link below, and grab yours.


Android OREO as soon as I got it out of the box, not many phones can do that.