I’ve used lots of phones with big batteries, however I’ve never used one like this.  It’s truly the new battery king for me.

It has a 5300mAh battery inside, coupled with the new Snapdragon 625 from 2017! That combination is amazing, and it will take ANY user at least 3 to 4 days on a single charge.  The display on this phone is 1080p, and it is a gigantic 6.44 inches.  Viewing media is amazing as you would think, and you also get stereo speakers to go with it.

Cameras on the phone do very well, as the rear camera can shoot in 4k.  The front camera has a very wide angle when doing a front Vlog or video, so you will not need to hold it too far away for a good shot.  Build quality is solid, and should remind you of the smaller brother the Xiaomi Mi A1.  I like this device, and it’s been doing great.  Some videos at the break.  You can buy yours by clicking right HERE