I would like to go on record and say, I’m probably more of an Android Guy at heart if I had to pick one.  However, it’s hard not to like the new iPhone X or the 8 Plus.

The hardware on these phone is good, I mean really good.  But more importantly…I like the software experience I’ve had with them.  The phone has so many high points, I almost forget I dropped $1081.69 on this this. WOW!  But still, as that saying goes…ya get what ya pay for.  With Apple, I’ve always felt like that about their computers.  Now I’m starting to feel like that about their phones, but only because of the iPhone X and the 8 Plus.

The screen on the iPhone X is flat out, GREAT for an iPhone.  While I can’t really see too much difference in the quality from the 8 Plus, I see the difference in the way I look at my phone and use it.  The size of this phone, with the all screen affect is so pleasing to the eyes. I am super happy that I got my hands on this thing, because this is the best Apple has to offer right now.  It does well over all, except a few things that are starting to get to me.  Nothing major, because I’m keeping this puppy.  But more of a, ‘I WISH THEY WOULD HAVE DONE THIS’ type of feeling every now and again.  I’ve had this phone since launch day, and I’ve enjoyed it every day.  Check the video at the break, and check out what I am feeling now after owning it for about a month or so.