I’ve got a lot of phones, phones with great cameras. But this Xiaomi Mi A1 ha iPhone 8 Plus quality for a lot less out of pocket.

The phone can easily be mistaken for an iPhone 7 Plus, but it’s much better feeling in hand.

Tine got a quick spec run down.

  • 5.5 Screen 1080p
  • Dual 12mp Cameras (rear)
  • Snapdragon 625
  • 4GB RAM 64GB Storage
  • 5mp front camera
  • Full metal body
  • Dual SIM or SD Card
  • Stock Android
  • Type C USB
  • US LTE
  • 3080mAh Battery
  • No NFC
  • $200 TO $260 depends on color

I have really been enjoying this phone, and I’m super happy I grabbed it. It has Superior hardware to lots of phones on this price range, and it offers a little more.

The main reason I got this device at first, was the stock Android and price. But after using it for a little bit over a week now, it’s become a favorite.  Sometimes when US buyers look for a smartphone, they don’t look to import them.  They want to walk into a store, or order online so that there is no issues.  However, you CAN find great phones that work in the US, and this phone is one of them.

The build quality is great, and the screen is awesome. Looks good on sunlight, or low light. Battery life is just amazing, as I’m a to grab over 6 hours of screen on time.  Having stock Android is definitely a good reason for this, along with the Snapdragon 625 powering the phone. screenshot_20171026-105146258979899.png

The phone runs smooth, and I’ve not experienced any issues so far. But let’s talk about why I even started this blog, CAMERAS! They are so good, I put them up there with the iPhone 8 Plus! Portrait mode is flat out great, and I’ve got no complaints at this point. Why? Do you remember the price? Yep. This phone in my opinion has good cameras like the iPhone 8 Plus does.  (I’ll post pics below, and video a well.)

All in all, this might be one of my favorite phones, and that’s saying a lot. I have all the so called flagship phones, and not all can give this type of quality.


Below you find some video footage for the cameras, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you see.  There are links to purchase the device as well, because I feel this is a great option for US buyers who want a stock android phone with a great offerings.

You can buy your new Xiaomi Mi A1 with the link below

Black https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_757529.html?wid=4&lkid=11684080

Gold https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_757530.html?wid=4&lkid=11684070

Rose Gold https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_757531.html?wid=4&lkid=11674750

LTE coverage for this device, and how well it works on US market networks.

Camera review and unboxing below.