Brand means something to the tech world. LG V30 or Pixel XL 2?

It’s still kinda funny how some people decide what they are going to purchase, and most of that choice is based on someone else.

I take a look at the Google Pixel XL 2, and the LG V30.  Which one would I take?  Which one is the better option?  The Pixel XL 2 offers less, and sells for more.  We’ve seen this on the iPhone for years, but it’s now rolling over to Android phones to be the norm.  When I look at both of these phones, I think from what I see on paper, and my experience with LG phones.  The  V30 is probably the better buy.  Why would I want to spend MORE, and get less with these too phones.  In the video, I basically tell how I feel about the devices, and what I feel is the right choice.

LG V30 (left) VS Google Pixel XL 2 (right)

  • IP68 VS IP67
  • SD VS no SD
  • Dual Camera f1.6(main camera) VS Single f1.8 (main)
  • Dolby Vision & HDR VS NONE on the Pixel
  • 32bit Audio B&O VS NONE on the Pixel
  • 24bit Audio Recording
  • Headphone jack VS No headphone jack
  • FM Radio VS None on the Pixel
  • Quick Charge 3.0 VS Pixel???

You be the judge on which one you think is the smarter purchase!

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