It’s still kinda funny how some people decide what they are going to purchase, and most of that choice is based on someone else.

I take a look at the Google Pixel XL 2, and the LG V30.  Which one would I take?  Which one is the better option?  The Pixel XL 2 offers less, and sells for more.  We’ve seen this on the iPhone for years, but it’s now rolling over to Android phones to be the norm.  When I look at both of these phones, I think from what I see on paper, and my experience with LG phones.  The  V30 is probably the better buy.  Why would I want to spend MORE, and get less with these too phones.  In the video, I basically tell how I feel about the devices, and what I feel is the right choice.

LG V30 (left) VS Google Pixel XL 2 (right)

  • IP68 VS IP67
  • SD VS no SD
  • Dual Camera f1.6(main camera) VS Single f1.8 (main)
  • Dolby Vision & HDR VS NONE on the Pixel
  • 32bit Audio B&O VS NONE on the Pixel
  • 24bit Audio Recording
  • Headphone jack VS No headphone jack
  • FM Radio VS None on the Pixel
  • Quick Charge 3.0 VS Pixel???

You be the judge on which one you think is the smarter purchase!