I’ve got several smartphones, but none of them can match the front camera on the HTC U11 when it comes to Vlogs, or front facing video footage.

This phone produces amazing footage, and pictures come out great.  I use the HTC U11 for ALL of my front facing video, and it replaced my Samsung Galaxy S7.  You know how much I love that phone.  But all things come to an end, and it was time to give the top spot to a new phone.  That phone is the HTC U11.  In low lighting, or daylight.  The phone does very well, topping all others I have in my lineup.

I will be releasing a video comparison of the iPhone 8 Plus, HTC U11, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to give you some idea of why I say it’s the best for Vlogs and front video.  Until then, check it out below being compared to my old Canon Camera that use to use for Vlogs.

Currently if you can grab the HTC U11 brand new directly from HTC.com for $599, it’s a must buy if you want to do Vlogs on YouTube or you website.