I’ve been really enjoying the Galaxy Note 8 so far, and I wanted to kinda give you my short review of it so far.  Yep, it’s solid.

I’ve got a few things that really stand out, and probably will for you as well.

  • Design – Holding down the same language they have done over the last few years, it’s working for them.  So they will not change it, because it’s really nice.  The long body of the Note 8, makes it easier to hold.  With this design, you get a much bigger screen.
  • Features/options – One phrase, S-Pen Suite. This is why most people would probably buy the Galaxy Note line of phones, for the added features of the S-Pen.
  • Screen – So beautiful! There is no way to deny Samsung of this, because they in fact do produce some of the BEST displays you can find on any device at the moment.
  • Camera – They are really good, and videos footage is top notch.  Front camera still lacks a little, but is totally useable.
  • Performance – No lag, no issues.  Flows through, but I would like to see an even more toned down skin from Samsung in the future.
  • Software – It’s a better version of what we all know and love, as TOUCHQWIZ
  • Battery – I can easily make it through a full day, and more over I’m getting great screen on time.
  • Price – Well, $929 plus taxes and fees.  Or you can grab a nice promo from your carrier, or Samsung.com

Video at the break, but be sure to check back for more coverage on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  It’s one you might want to consider picking up.