It’s no doubt that ZTE is the king of big screen phones, price under $200.  But can they give us another one for even less that makes us crazy over it like the previous models?

I’ve always been a fan of the ZMax Pro, and wondered if ZTE could top that phone.  Well they kinda did so with this phone, the Blade Z Max.  Now while this is not a ‘Pro’ model, it’s sure performing well under daily usage.  

The stock UI feel is simply something all OEM’s should be giving customers on at least 1 of their phones, but it’s not happening.  ZTE however is sticking true to what they can do best, making a big phone with great specs at a low cost.  This phone may not have the SD835, or 6GBs of RAM…but hey, it’s only $129 full cost.  That is what makes this phone special, so we have to appreciate all that it has to offer.  Customers who are looking to get into the big leagues, and play with the high ends phones can get some of that here.  While still keeping enough funds left over to pay rent, and car note.  Ya know, things that are actually important in life.  Here are some of the key features of the Z Max.

ZTE Blade Z Max key features

  • Dual rear cameras 16mp + 2mp
  • 8mp Front camera
  • 6 inch screen 1080p
  • 4080mAh Battery
  • 32GB storage w/SD Card
  • Android 7.1.1
  • Snapdragon 435
  • New Design and build quality
  • USB Type C
  • Headphone jack
  • Dolby Audio
  • Active noise canceling mic

Low points

  • 2GB RAM
  • Camera UI is lacking, and not very good
  • Big body to go with the big screen
  • Might be hard to handle from some, it’s a 2 hand phone
  • Rear mounted speaker (loud but it’s on the rear)
  • No 4k recording or 1080p 60fps

IMG_20170826_094432324The build quality on this phone is nothing short of REALLY solid, and when you hold it for the first time you will be surprised.  The phone has a textured back, and gives the phone something we all want.  To have the option NOT to wear a case, so we don’t have to add bulk in any way.  Hit has lots of grip, and feels amazing in the hand.  One the front, there is not missing the thing that makes this phone special…the 6 inch 1080p screen sitting out there for all of our media and gaming needs.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s so beautiful.

IMG_20170826_094403576On the back you will find those dual cameras, one 16mp and the other 2mp.  Now having two cameras is not my first pick, but it’s amazing to see that this can be down at such a low cost.  They are actually really good too.  

I took several pics with the phone, and all come out fairly well toScreenshot_20170826-092224 my liking.  (See below) We do have a portrait mode, which is crazy considering what the others are charging for phones with this option.  It takes good photos, but it’s not there to WOW you and tell you I’m the best.  Taking photos in autofocus mode is easy, and fast.  They come out nice as well, because with the right lighting..anything is possible.  

Screenshot_20170504-143245The phone has a 4080mAh battery inside, so you can bet you will make it through a full day and then some.  I can grab at least 4 days on a charge with over 6 hours of screen on time, and still have a little bit to take me home.  More OEM’s need to give us these big batteries, because that is what we need.  For our phones to last more than 2 days.

Now the phone is being powered by the snapdragon 435 for those that care about techie stuff, but I can assure you the person buying this phone probably doesn’t.  They just want to get a good price, and it needs to run very smooth.  This is one area where the phones shines as well, because of the stock feel of the software.  I’ve had no issues with it, and I don’t think I will.  Is it going to get Android Oreo?  We shall see.

Now things are not all roses, there are some things I would have liked to seen happen Screenshot_20170826-101336here.  For example, the rear mounted speaker.  Move it to the bottom.  Up it to 3GBs of RAM.  Change the camera UI, it’s old and dated.  Really needs to be improved in the future.  There is no 1080p 60fps, and no 4k recording.  Last, the size of the phone.  Yes it has a 6 inch screen, but I think ZTE can find  a way to reduce it is over size.  It doesn’t literally have to be a big boy to play with them.

More to come on this wonderful phone, and is going to blow you away.  Everything the average person needs in a phone, is here.