Today was a great day, and more so an exciting day! 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was announced today, and it was a happy day. 

I could write a long post telling you all of the latest specs, and all of the tech specs. But I won’t. But what I will do, is talk about some of the things that stood out to me. 

First, the cameras. Wow, wow, and more wow. The rear cameras are so nice on the new Galaxy Note 8, and the will shine above some other phones for sure. Samsung out dual cameras, but made them functional. Wide angle lens, and telephoto lens that make you want to keep snapping all day. The also added a feature called live photo, which lets you turn regular photos into fun pictures and more. You write on them, draw on them, etc.  So I’ll have to get more later, but it’s really nice to have those features. 

Next the rear cameras have dual OIS, this is major! Being able to take great photos, and videos that are stable will be nice! 

The SPen has been improved as they say, but I’ll test that also at a later date! 

Samsung only gave us 64gb internal storage, but we do get the SD Card slot! Do you can add more if you need it. 

The screen is a big 6.3 inch infinity display, coming in at Quad HD like we knew it would. It’s a beautiful screen, and and it surely is nice for viewing content. 

The hardware of the new Galaxy Note 8 is interesting, because it’s a very TALL phone! It weighs 195 grams, so a little weight but will be easy to us with two hands. It’s a long, square device. 

The phone does come in at a very hefty price tag, but we knew this would happen! All colors shown below, are not coming to the US market unfortunately.  

The phone is nice, but chatting with other YouTube creators was the most fun! I’ve dropped some photos below, so check them out.  I’ll have more coverage soon, so look for it right here. 

Pre-order is on 8.24.17, and get it by 9.15.17