In todays market, we see lots of people with very large devices.  This will continue, as time goes on.

I remember when phones were very small, and that was the thing.  No one wanted too big of a phone back then, because we used them as a phone only.  They didn’t have a touch screen, and they were not smart.  Now fast forward to current day, and that is all you see.  SMARTPHONES!

We are now doing everything on our devices, I MEAN everything.  Emails; Netflix; videos; social media; etc.  You name it, we are doing it on our phones.  Smartphones are now easy to use, and people can do tons of things with them.  But when it comes to screen size, you might hear a different opinion from many people.  Lots of people today, would rather have ONE device. Meaning; tablet/phone combo.  This is where smartphones with big 6 inch screens come into play, and they are doing very well.  Companies like ZTE are capitalizing on this market, and selling a boat load of phones.

They are selling 6 inch screen phones, with very solid displays and big batteries.  Wouldn’t you want to watch a movie on a device that can fit in your pocket, yet still give you the option to send that email comfortably too?  Yep, you would.  Now it’s not just about the size of screen, it’s the quality.  This is where Sony comes in to play.  Sony makes some of the best displays, and always have in the past.  They are just not as popular in the US as they used to be. Which is fine, because you can still buy them and use them in the US.  In fact, Sony has made it known that they make some of the best displays, and it’s true.

Xiaomi is another company that does well with big screen phones, and they do not cost nearly as much as the other brands.  Only issue with them, they are not doing much for the US market.  They have great hardware, and really solid performance to match.

In the end, I say we need these big screen devices, because they are more useful than one might think.  Having the ability to watch a movie, then send and email on that same device is great.  You have the real-estate and battery life to support it all in most cases, and I see this getting better in the future.

There are currently not many big screen phones to pick from, when you think of the OEMs making them.  However, at some point in the future…there will a lot more offerings I think.  Podcast at the break, see you in the next one.