There is a time when you realize why you like an iPhone, or you just don’t.  Some people have no interest in using an iPhone, as it can become a little boring in my experience. I personally don’t use an iPhone as my daily driver, but it is a solid phone.  Let’s dive in some more.

I’ve purchased every iPhone that has come out, and will continue to purchase them.  They are great on software, and the Apple ECO system is put together very well.  But how can Apple make it better?  Well, for starters, give us a new look in the software.  The ability to put a home screen widget would be great in my opinion, and will free up the OS a little.  Now I know this is something Apple might bring much later in the game, because we already know what iOS 11 looks like.  However, it would be nice if they DID in fact borrow some features from Android.  iOS is a solid OS, and runs like a champ overall, but needs something fresh…something new. Android is worlds ahead in customizations, but far behind in performance.  Apple should be able to capitalize on this, and make things happen for the iPhone.  Good hardware is nice, but old software is bad.

I like using my iPhone, but not as my main phone.  I like the way apple has their system setup to work across their devices, it’s just so simple and quick.  iPhone devices have great battery life, and iPhone devices are optimized very well.  However, for me as an Apple user….it’s not enough.  Which is why I stick to using an Android device for my #1 slot in phones.  (Computers is another story, APPLE all the way).  But smartphones are where we are right now, and this is an area I feel Apple needs to work on.  They will bring out the latest flagship soon, and it will probably have great hardware.  It will run smooth, and be the fastest on benchmark test.  But, well…so what.  I don’t see many of us leaving out beautiful Android devices behind, for an iPhone.  Cameras will be in question too, because as of right now….there are MANY android phones with better cameras.

As for the displays, Apple always says they have great Retina displays. Well, we really can’t tell if you continue to do 1080p.  2k should be on an iPhone by now, and Apple is last again…if they do it at all.

I’m hoping Apple does something new in their next model of the iPhone series, as it’s time for a change.  They take baby steps, and don’t take any risks.  Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola…all take risks.  Come on Apple, do something to make yourselves stand out for a change.  You can only brag on numbers for so long, as that means nothing to the average consumer who is buying your products.