When I first heard about the new iPad Pro I was surprised. I didn’t think Apple will make any more changes to the iPad line, but I was wrong. Let’s talk about how the iPad Pro 10.5 is the new awesome.
The first big change they’ve made on the iPad Pro 10.5, is the screen. The name says it all!  This is by far probably option for an iPad size, it’s lightweight and you can hold on. The on-screen keyboard is now a full-size keyboard, and even the new clip on keyboard is full size too. Typing on the iPad Pro is easy and fast, very fluid.  The screen is, there is no getting around this. Are used to think that my 9.7 was the perfect size, but now the 10.5 is even better.  It’s not only big enough but it’s beautiful.  Media content on the screen is absolutely fabulous, coming in at just the right size.  They’ve given us with the called ProMotion, 120hz  refresh rate.  The performance of the visor of using it it’s really smooth and very fast, you will need to use this one for yourself to understand what I mean. 

I’ll be testing out gaming and using the cameras on this device, because it does have the cameras from the iPhone 7. So for now enjoy the on boxing below and I’ll get back to you or more videos.